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Our Top 5 BEST Islands of Adventure Snacks | Plus HHN Hype! Universal Studios Orlando Resort

With six intricately themed lands, Islands of Adventure offers up one of a kind experiences that immerse guests into myriad of fantastical worlds. Each land offers up a tasty morsel that encapsulates its experience and works to further detail the story that surrounds patrons. This video counts down our top 5 best snacks at this one of a kind theme park. From magic brews to foods for Whos this list is meant to bring together cuisine we think captures the experience at Universal Islands of Adventure. This video isn't just food though! We filmed this the weekend before Halloween Horror Nights 32 and wanted to explore some details at the All Hallows Eve Boutique and check out the new HHN decorations. It was a fun day of Halloween tricks and our favorite treats. See our thoughts and full experience having an epic day at Universal Studios Orlando Resort.

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