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NEW Journey of Water Inspired by Moana | Walkthrough & Experience | Plus Lunch at Le Cellier | Epcot

For over 5 years the area behind Spaceship Earth in Epcot has been under construction. Part of what's been called, the Epcot overhaul, included plans for a one of a kind walkthrough attraction based on Moana called Journey of Water. Thanks to our cast member friends we were able to experience this attraction before it opens to the general public. This video details our full experience, including a walkthrough of Journey of Water and backstory on how this new offering is meant to complement the neighborhood of World Nature that it resides in. Being foodies, we couldn't stop into Epcot without grabbing a bite and we're lucky enough to snag reservations to Jay's favorite restaurant in Epcot, Le Cellier. See our thoughts, eats, experience and the full journey of water on what was a perfect Epcot day.

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