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Is Trattoria al Forno Disney World's BEST Italian Restaurant? Disney's Boardwalk Resort 2023

After being quite impressed by Il Mulino's Italian offerings we decided to continue our journey to find the best Italian Restaurant in Walt Disney World by taking a ten minute walk to the Boardwalk. We've previously had spectacular experiences eating breakfast at Trattoria al Forno but dinner had always eluded us. Many Walt Disney World fans appreciate the cuisine here and consider it better Italian food than what's available at Epcot. We provide a full tour of the restaurant, going over the story that encapsulates the dining experience, the architecture and provide detailed reviews on some of their most notable dishes. At the end we go over our thoughts, comparing our experience here to Il Mulino's and seeing if Trattoria al Forno became our favorite Italian Ristorante in Walt Disney World.

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