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Is Shiki-Sai Epcot's BEST NEW Restaurant? Full Review | Japan Pavilion | Walt Disney World

World Showcase in Epcot provides the unique opportunity to experience different cultures from around the world. The Japan Pavilion is one of the more popular offerings, with two of its restaurants and gift shop operated by the Mitsukoshi group. For years, the restaurants Mitsukoshi operated here were Tokyo Dining and Teppan Edo. With Tokyo Dining focusing on Sushi, and Teppan Edo providing classic Hibachi. Recently, Tokyo Dining was closed to make way for Shiki-Sai. This new restaurant attempts to provide an experience that more closely resembles the virtues of Epcot. Shiki-Sai's décor changes seasonally to reflect Japan's seasonal festivals throughout the year. The Cast Members provide insights into Japanese culture, customs and cuisine. We stopped by during their soft opening to see everything this new restaurant has to offer. It truly was a uniquely Epcot and Walt Disney World dining experience that we can't wait to experience again and again. See our thoughts, favorites and whether this is our new favorite restaurant at Epcot.

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