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Is Rainforest Cafe at Disney's Animal Kingdom Worth a Visit? Full Review | Walt Disney World 2023

There are two different Rainforest Cafe locations on Disney property. This video covers the location at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park. For those that don't know, Rainforest Cafe is chain restaurant with a rainforest theme. Patrons dine while surrounded by animotronics and decor meant to encapsulate the atmosphere of a rainforest. The cuisine can be described as classic fast-casual comfort food. We've dined at every restaurant at Disney's Animal Kingdom except for this one, although we have dined at different Rainforest Cafes previously. During the video we try out some of their signature eats and provide a tour of the restaurant. See our thoughts, favorites and how we think Rainforest Cafe compares to its competition at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park.

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